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About Us

Atlanta Control Technologies was started in April 1997. From the beginning, we have elected to stay small in order to maintain the best quality for our customers. The principal, David Byrd, was the former president of P. C. Design and Phoenix Controls. Both companies exceeded 10 million dollars in sales under his tenure. Although we will grow, we will remain small. The large systems integrator can be many things to many people. However, the large company size tends to compromise the quality and cost of the systems provided. We cannot offer the wide variety of services the large integrators offer, but we also avoid their pitfalls. We design and build using the same engineering concept throughout the project, including startup. This avoids the engineer juggling game that a lot customers are familiar with. We are located south of Atlanta near the town of Sharpsburg, Georgia, close to Interstate 85. Both our offices and shop is combined in a 5000 square foot building.


As an international OEM, our US office in Georgia has relied on Atlanta Controls Technologies for design and supply of hundreds of Control Panels. For years they have expertly provided a broad range of key services from control philosophy design through field startup, installation, and troubleshooting. Whether a small fast-turn operator station or a complex touch-screen operator interface, we depend on our partnership with ACT."

David M. Reece, Engineering Manager SPIRAC (USA) INC.

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